Nedster's Hypermatic



Welcome, friends, to Nedster's Hypermatic Link-O-Tron. Here, you'll find lots of links. If you hadn't gathered that from the title, you're really not very clever. Hooray! The links page is massively updated. If I've got a page bookmarked (the highest accolade known to the World Wide Web), you'll know about it. Unless it happens to be a page that's less, uh, suitable for the uh, family... No! Wait! Every single site on the Internet of any value that you don't already know about is found here, in Nedster's Hypermatic Link-O-Tron.


Internet Movie Database a big list. of films. lots of them. and links to stuff about those films! which is especially useful

The Dilbert Zone nice Dilbert things. I like Dilbert

Digitalo a really hip cyberpunk site. with excellent Java chat. best viewed with Netscape

The Purple Abyss Barney hate! and anti-Barney fan fic

Web Site Number Nine a groovy site full of hilarious MiSTings, and links to lots of others

Am I In Pi? are you in Pi? no (duh!). is your birthday in Pi? somewhere!

Facade Biorythms biorthyms! yay! as I write this, mine are apparently at their lowest in about a decade. nice to know

Everything a big massive huge online encyclopaedia thing, which you have to go to. and register. and submit stuff about all the things you know about

SlashDot news for nerds. stuff that matters. apparently

Wired News more news for nerds

Dark Horizons news about films

Coming Attractions more news about films

User Friendlyset in an isp, and very funny

The Onionthe hilarity!

Doonsbury Daily Dose the guy who writes these knows about everything

Mr. T versus Everything! go mr. t go!

Drew's Script-O-Rama find transcripts of endless films and TV shows. useful for reference and plagiarism!

The Mu* List a giant list of muds and moos and mushes and other things beginning with m which you telnet into

By the way, you shouldn't actually be going to any of these sites. Oh, no. You should be carefully noting their URLs, and then going straight back to my site, which is better than any of these could ever be.