The Music of the Nedster


I be diggin' some grooves, man! And that is the truth! Rock with me, man! Dig my grooves! Dig my funky grooves! Yeah! And by the way, don't blame me if all the text is completely unreadable. It's your eyesight, not my psychadelic flower/yellow text combo.


Radiohead! Radiohead! Every note they have ever played has been overflowing with resonance and beauty and crunchy musical goodness. Radiohead are gods! Radiohead are gods! Most people know them from songs like Paranoid Android on OK Computer (obscenely cool animated video, which the bastards at MTV edited), but the other two albums are just as good, if not as flamboyantly unorthodox. Pablo Honey is grungier, and The Bends is a little bit more subdued. I love them all. Radiohead are gods! Radiohead are gods! In Clueless Cher describes their music as complain rock, which I thought was pretty funny.


Kurt Cobain is one of the greatest icons of this century, along with Elvis. He was, however, an EXTREMELY screwed up person. He had a frighteningly bad life. A lot of people feel this is what made him such a great musician, but if he hadn't been so massively popular he wouldn't have killed himself. He was in love with the underground scene, and when he got successful it took the fun out of music-making, and out of life (one assumes).

All Nirvana's albums have crazily disparate styles. Bleach approaches bubblegum-rock, Unplugged In New York is almost country and western, Incesticide is really hard and grungy, and In Utero is just weird. Nevermind is what most people remember them for, with the supreme 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.


I read somewhere that you see more eight-year-olds in Korn T-shirts than in Spice Girls T-shirts. Maybe. And they get a lot of flak from the music journos for being so mass market. It's true they peddle a pretty formulaic blend of rap and hard rock, and the lyrics are idiotic, but I like them.

No Doubt

We'll discretely draw a veil over their first album, 'No Doubt', which is completely empty of all the style and grooviness that makes the other two such classics. People insist on calling it ska-punk, or sometimes just ska, but it's a lot more than that. It's retro-rock with a dash of groovy brass. 'You Can Do It' is fantastic. And Gwen Stefani is a GODDESS! A GODDESS, I tell you! Worship her!


These three sountracks are all fantastic. I got all of them before I saw the movies! In fact, I don't have the second Romeo+Juliet sountrack, but a picture of the first exists nowhere on the Internet, so it's the best I can do. American Werewolf in Paris is a great film, I Know What You Did Last Summer is pretty mediocre even though it has Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Romeo+Juliet is indescribably fantastic. The second one has something cool by Southern Culture On The Skids, but I got an album and found out they're some kind of freaky country rock combo.



Offspring fun fact: The guy who says Uno dos tres cuatro cinco cinco seis in 'Pretty Fly For A White Guy' joined the band just to do that (he's the brother of someone they met in a chat room, or something) I now have more of their albums, by the way. And they're all brilliant. Except 'Ixnay On The Hombre', which isn't as good.


Courteney Love is great! Little-known fact: one at a concert she flashed the audience, and then some guy flashed as well, and he got arrested, and she accused the police of sexism and demanded to be arrested as well. In fact, maybe that's a well-known fact. I don't know. I read it somewhere. Maybe everyone else knows from birth, and I'm just a freak. Anyway... Celebrity Skin, which is their most recent album, is probably the better of the two.

The X-Files

I love the X-Files! It kicks! And I would have bought all the CD's no matter what they were like, but it happens that they're all quite good. The first couple ('Fight The Future: The Score' and 'The Truth And The Light') are creations of Mark Snow, a short fat bald massively talented man who does the music for 'The X-Files' and 'Millenium'. 'Fight The Future: The Sountrack' and 'Songs In The Key Of X' are rock music that has been used, often incredibly briefly, on the film or the show. They range from cringe-worthy to absolutely classic.

Bored of music? Away with you!