Drinking Game!

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This works best with Seasons 1 and 2. And kids- alcohol is bad. Play this game with sweets. Or chips. Or jelly shots. No! Wait! Non-alcoholic jelly-shots. So, just jelly, really. In shot glasses. With a dash of vodka. No! Wait! Ooh! By the way: go to my main page. If you're lucky, you might just find a link below... No. No, actually, you definitely will find a link below. I tried to inject an element of mystery and excitement into the proceedings, but I failed. And I'm sorry. Anyway, drinking game comments? I know this isn't the only Buffy drinking game on the web, but it is quite clearly the best.



Willow makes a joke

Buffy makes a joke

Xander makes a joke

An innocent civilian dies

A vampire dies

Giles looks at a book

Buffy and/or the slayerettes meet in the library

Giles makes a weary comment about computers, teenagers, or Californian weather

Xander and Cordelia fight

Someone's trapped somewhere

Someone has a fight

Buffy and/or the slayerettes suggests an explanation for all the weird things that have happened



Someone is made into a vampire

Someone kisses someone

Giles doesn't understand a pop culture reference

Buffy and/or the slayerettes disregards the advice of another

A villain says 'And I would have got away with it, if it weren't for that pesky slayer!' or words to that effect

Someone complains about their love life

A teacher dies

Principal Snyder mentions his hate of children or talks to the Mayor

Oz pines over Willow

Willow pines over Oz

Willow pines over Xander

Xander pines over Buffy

Buffy pines over Angel

Angel pines over Buffy

Giles pines over Miss Calendar

A major villain (Machida, Bezoar, Moloch etc.) is despatched.

Someone turns out to be more than they seem...

Buffy and/or the slayerettes meet in the cafeteria

Buffy and/or the slayerettes go to the Bronze

Buffy and/or the slayerettes spy on someone



Angel makes a joke

Giles makes a joke

A new slayerette is added to the lineup

Some vampires take advantage of an ancient mystic festival day

The Chosen One actually says something

Someone gets locked up in the little locking-up place in the library

Xander's porn habit is mentioned

Buffy uses her crossbow

Buffy has to lie about her slayer paraphernalia when some of it is found by a non-slayerette

A revelation is made about Giles' past

It's Oz's time of the month

A really major villain (the Master, the Chosen One, Spike etc.) is despatched

One of Xander's jokes bombs

Something gruesome happens during a class

Buffy has a nightmare

Buffy and/or the slayerettes has a big test

Willow helps Xander study

Giles or Joyce forbids Buffy to go the Bronze

Something gruesome happens at the Bronze



Buffy or a slayerette dies

Someone has sex

Cordelia apologises for something


Fun fact! I have a poster with that picture above my bed. Yay! By the way, it's stolen from Monkey Pants. Actually, no, it's stolen from Warner Bros. But let's forget about that just for now, shall we?